Describe an expensive activity that you enjoy doing occasionally | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an expensive activity that you enjoy doing occasionally.

You should say
- What it is?
- Who do you do it with?
- Why is it expensive?
- And explain how you feel about it?

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• Well, when people have some interests then it does not matter how much they spend on their hobby.
• I, personally, love water sports and it is very costly to do any watery sports. I try to save money for doing Scuba Diving every year. Therefore, I save a small portion of my salary to go to scuba diving.
• I live in ___ and therefore, for this activity, I travel to coastal areas in my country.
• I went there with my friends and I also hire a guide who takes me to the best location to see the natural wonders of the ocean.
• I did a lot of research to find the best spot to see coral leaves and other sea creatures.
• A guide is more familiar with the location and seems hobbyist, like me, to see more beautiful locations.
• Moreover, a guide also helps me if something goes wrong during a trip.
• The reason why this activity is so expensive is that locations for Scuba
Diving are located at coastal areas or at Islands.
• I pay for traveling to visit these remote locations, accommodation, hiring a guide and rent a ship.
• Also, the types of equipment used are also quite costly, like Scuba diving suit and oxygen cylinder. It costs me around ____ for each trip.
• It is always a great experience when I go for diving. It is full of thrill,
excitement, and anxiety.
• I always see new creatures underwater and new spots.
• I started doing this activity during college, one of my friends experienced it and he couldn’t stop talking about it.
• So, during summer vacations that year, three of my friends and I went for it.

• The whole experience takes us about two days and one night.
• During this time, we talk, play games, pull pranks on each and enjoy
delicious meals together. 

• We have so much fun that time passes away very quickly.
• This is the only expensive activity I spend my money and time on.

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