Describe a person who you think is very open | Recent IELTS speaking topic!

Describe a person who you think is very open.

You should say
- Who this person is?
- How you know this person?
- Why do you think this person is very open?
- And explain how you feel about this person?

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• I think very few people today are open-minded these days.

• But a friend of mine who is an athlete is a very open person. We have been friends for 6 years now and I feel that he is a very approachable guy.

• He is a sportsperson and naturally, he is very energetic.

• He always is a wonder to watch when he is playing any sport.

• A great athlete. He is very passionate about sports and you can see the fire burning in his eyes.

• He mingles with everyone and can just change the mood of a room as he steps in.

• You can feel his charming energy across the room and 9 out of 10 times, his energy is radiated to you.

• He brings out the best in all of his friends and is always looking to make everyone happy by putting themselves before him.

• He is someone many people can look up to.

• It always is a blessing to have someone like him in my life. He is someone you can talk to any time and is always there for you. He truly is a very passionate soul.

• I think it requires a lot of courage for a person to be open and direct.

• I care too much about other people’s feelings and as a result, sometimes I lie or make promises I can’t keep.

• He never does that he is open about what he feels and let’s others know directly and I like that.

• So this is a friend who is very open and direct about everything.

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