Describe a time when you forgot something important | Recent IELTS speaking topic!

Describe a time when you forgot something important.

You should say
- When it happened?
- What you forgot?
- What was the result of your forgetting?
- Why it was important?

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• I can be quite forgetful at times but nothing has been that serious at times.

• This happened more recently when I was traveling back to my home from Bangalore a metro city in Karnataka.

• I had to go there for a request of transcript to my university so that they will send it to world education services.

• It was urgent so I went in hurry and came back and then the mistake

• They take few months’ time until they issue one so I had to get it done as soon as possible so that there is less delay on my WES report.

• I got an appointment and went to Bangalore after visiting I was walking back at my friends’ home where I decided to stay until I get my work done.

• While walking back I got tired so I dropped my bag near the wall and drank some water but then I started walking and I forgot my documents there.

• However, I didn’t realize this until I reached my friend’s house and happened to notice I was lightweight and then it struck me.

• My heart skipped a beat as if I didn’t get them back, I’ll be wasting a year to get all of those documents back.

• I started searching all places didn’t ask my friend for help as he has his
business to run and didn’t want to bother him about it.

• I spent entire day searching with no luck finally received a call local auto driver about my documents.

• I felt like my life was saved I immediately asked him about his whereabouts went there thanked him and gave him a little reward for the trouble I caused him with all this.

• He was appreciative of it and I had finally managed to save 1 year of mine.

• Then I finally went back to my friend house and of course I got scolded by him for my clumsiness; I made sure I don’t utter a word of this at home because then I will have to hear a lecture about it for an entire year about it.

• This was a time I forgot something which nearly Messed up everything for me.

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