Describe an argument with your friend | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an argument with your friend.

- When it happened?
- What it was about?
- How it was solved?
- How you felt about it?

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As of now, mobiles have an unprecedented market and they offer a variety of features.

Despite improved features, some brands have a poor performance and this caused a strong disagreement with a friend on this topic.

I am an Asus user and satisfied with its performance in every department but, my friend was a Samsung user, and he always have trouble with it all I hear him do is complain about this and that and considering Samsung and its reputation it’s unusual for them.

Most of them offer good performance but this mobile of his use to run off battery very soon he asked my suggestion and I asked him to change mobile and then began our disagreement.

The argument continued for a while my friend James has a habit of giving blind faith if he is impressed but I am not like that I always believe positives and negatives run together but it’s hard to make him believe that and that is why it was even more difficult to explain it to him that Samsung does have an issue with battery back up on regular basis on almost all of their phones.

Actually, the disagreement went on for about 20 minutes. Both of us developed logic favouring our respective smartphones.

But at a point, James had to admit that his device really had some troubles.

I pointed out each of the matters that I experienced when I was a Samsung mobile phone user.

I told him that the phone heats up when it is used for making voice calls and playing games. He agreed. But he tried defending the facts saying that the battery heats up when it runs.

I showed him my ASUS and asked him to use it for the next 20 minutes. He did and there were no such issues like heating up or battery drain. Finally, James had to acknowledge my reasons.

At some points, both of us went extreme.

In fact, we both were at fault for not explaining and accepting it properly that’s how it turned from a regular argument to a heated one but I however can’t back down when I know what’s the truth and that is what I did but I do believe we could have piped it down a bit.

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