Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sport music | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a natural talent you want to improve like sports, music.

- What it is?
- When you discovered?
- How do you want to improve it?
- And How do you feel about it?

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• I believe everyone is gifted in one or another way some discover it early some do it late.

• At an early age, it’s parents who need to discover it but when adults it’s us who need to discover it.

• I believe I have a talent in a sport I adapt and learn quickly it’s quite surprising even for me.

• My father was the first one to teach me about sports, he taught me cricket, I used to usually play with adults who were like 10+ years older than me.

• I realized this in college, there many liked playing soccer most of my batchmates too they were all trained in clubs so out of curiosity I started playing but to my surprise.
 I learned it very quickly and soon enough I became good enough to be able to counter the players who were legitimate club players for years.

• Initially, I thought it’s just me overrating myself but then one day the best player came and asked me where did you learn playing and I said I just started a few months back they were all surprised he said you should join the club. If I learned this much by myself I could become a legitimate player and I just slide it saying that my parents don’t support it or else I would be a national level player in cricket already.

• I feel blessed that I have such quick learning ability same I observed in my studies too there was a time when I could barely pass and just after few months I was a ranker in my class everyone shocked maybe if I put my mind to it, I am an absolute monster at learning capability.

• So, I do believe just like me everyone has innate talent if they realize it earlier, they could change their life for good which in my case is not possible as I found it quite late.

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