Describe an occasion when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an occasion when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone.

- When it was?
- Where it was?
- Why you were not allowed to use your mobile phone?
- How you felt about it?

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• Gadgets have undoubtedly become a quintessential part of our lives. It’s scary to now even imagine life without them.

• However out of all gadgets, mobile has taken a place that can never be replaced now.

• I can say this as I have personally experienced a day where I was not allowed to use it and it was like hell.

• This happened while I was on a trip with my friends, we had our finals going on but between theory and practice, we had 7 days gap not knowing what to do after the theory exam was completed, we decided to go on a trip on a whim.

• In India, there are strict rules when driving on the highway at some places u won’t
see anyone but at the location where accidents are frequent, they make sure to check all this was while we were going to Bangalore from our city.

• In India, using a mobile phone while driving is an offence and punishable by law. 
Hence, I was asked to pull over by cops as I was using a cell phone in the driver’s seat and violating the road safety rules and unfortunately, they saw me.

• Honestly, I am a law-abiding citizen but at that time I was getting repeated calls from my close friend who lives in Canada, he had to discuss some urgent matters.

• Anyway, so as I picked up his call and started talking, the patrolling team stopped us on the check post and told me to disconnect my call. Later, I was penalized for my actions.

• I was embarrassed for my ignorance and felt truly sorry for putting everyone’s life in danger.

• I learned my lesson that safety comes first, rest everything can wait. But also, it was killing me inside that I couldn’t converse with him until we reached the next day as it was an urgent matter we had to talk about.

• In the end, I’d just say that laws should be respected and mobile phones should be used only on occasions where they are permitted.

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