Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in.

You should say
- What it was about?
- Where you saw/ heard it?
- Who was involved?
- And explain why people were interested in it?

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• When people reach adulthood their choice in reading changes little by little and they start getting hooked on news either to protect their family or to update themselves with things happening in their surroundings. But in this pandemic, everyone is hooked on news about vaccination drives in our locality.

• Well, the news was about how the vaccination will proceed and their trustworthiness and results. Because of poor politics in India politicians in opposition were so busy trying to belittle the ruling party they even went so far as to say we should not use our own country vaccine.

• I don’t usually read the news but I am a big fan of reading articles and when I read that article I was so furious how can they act like such a bum when our government has made it possible to be one of the first few to develop a perfectly viable option they are busy telling their own country not to use it and it created quite a chaos.

• As per my knowledge, some political party was mostly involved in some unusual activities all the vaccination injection and emergency facilities went to waste because of their careless remarks and we fell into the second wave of pandemic all thanks to what they did. 100's of thousands of people lost their lives just because vaccination drive wasn’t allowed to go smoothly by such people for some petty politics.

• I respect the work the current government is trying to do for the people and just because some people can’t digest the work they are doing they always try to frame the government by misleading and misguiding people who are not aware of what the law states and how it can help.

• In the end I’d just say that it hurts when people take such actions just to satisfy their ambition and unrealistic ego and frame people wrongly when they are doing the right thing.

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