Describe a tall building in your city you like or dislike | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a tall building in your city you like or dislike.

- Where it is?
- What it is used for?
- What it looks like?
- And explain why you like or dislike it?

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To be honest I am not much of a fan of buildings but I do love when logical thinking is
applied to make people’s life easy.

As you know Ahmedabad is kind of like a mini metro city which will soon be converted into one, has various buildings with contemporary as well as traditional designs.

It has a perfect blend of modern, artistic, historical, cultural buildings all around the city
but we’ll the one I am impressed with is Alpha one mall.

It is located in the Vastrapur area of Ahmedabad you can find almost all brands in the place
they even have shops below the ground level and above as well.

It is situated right in the main business and commercial area of the city, making it
accessible to a majority of the population.

Basically, it is a shopping complex which is a multipurpose use, even the parking area is
so humongous that one will be astonished that such a place even exists in a city like

It comprises almost 50+ brands, 6 fine dine restaurants and an INOX Multiplex consisting
of 6 screens.

People don’t just visit it to shop but also to enjoy with their family because of such extra
facility available inside it.

I spend lots of time shopping with my family there, as the mall spans a big area of a
million sq. Ft and is 9 to 10 storeys high never really counted but that is what I think it
should be.

Most shops are designed using my glasses clean and modern artistic infrastructure
inside it, one can never guess that such a big facility could be so beautiful from inside.

The interiors are nicely done, all the floors connected using escalators for the
the convenience of the public as it’s so big one’s legs would start hurting if they walked it all the way.

It is very convenient to visit the mall since they even have such a nicely planned parking
the facility, the fashion collection is updated with trend always and one can also I get to
enjoy some very delicious dishes at the restaurants inside the mall.

This is the one tall building I like in my city among all others.

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