Describe a café you like to visit | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a café you like to visit.

- Where it is?
- What kinds of food and drinks it serves?
- What do you do there?
- And explain why you like to go there?

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• To be honest, I am a very foodie person so I love to explore new places and new cuisines
sometimes I’d like to go to the café after work in the evening before I go back home.

• It’s just located on the first floor in front of my office building at Navrangpura Ahmedabad in fact, 
it’s a tiny café with several tables inside.

• When the weather is good, people love to eat outside to enjoy the fresh air. I didn’t know about this until last year when on the day of the new year my friend planned a dinner party at a café named Restrepo behind the bars. 

• So, when I came to know about this place, I checked it on google to know the ratings and the ambience.

• I was very much attracted to the pictures.

• When I entered that place there was a live band performing soft music and they were having multiple cuisines which were full of flavours.

• The place was even pocket-friendly and was having a very happening crowd. I tried almost
everything and I must say that it is must go café.

• Now I frequently go to this café with my colleagues because the food is very tasty, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

• They offer a wide range of coffee, including espresso, americano, and cappuccino, with a great choice of dishes, like a cheeseburger, seafood salad, chicken pizza, and ice cream.

• In addition, the boss is a friendly old man, and the waitresses remember their customers and even what they like to eat. They often give us a small discount when we ask for the bill: they know how to retain their clients.

• What’s most important is that the food is clean, savoury, and cheap. That’s what really counts.

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