Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading.

- When did you read it?
- What kind of book it is?
- What is it about?
- And explain why you think it is exciting?

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• To be honest I hate reading I rarely read anything apart from my academic books.

• But there is this book that was gifted to me by my friend which I enjoy reading every once in a while.

• I find this book a bit exciting and motivating and so I read it whenever I feel a bit below the weather.

• The book is ‘The Wings of Fire’ by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

• My friend got this book especially for me when she was visiting a nearby city and she was scanning through some bookstores.

• It is Dr Kalam’s autobiography. It was first published in 1999.

• This book became popular only after Dr Kalam became the President of India. He was sworn in as the president of India on 25th July 2002.

• Mr Arun Tiwari was the helping hand for Dr Kalam in writing the book.

• In this book, Dr Kalam explains why he wrote his autobiography.

• This book is very motivating. From this book, I came to know all about the life and achievements of Dr A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.

• Dr Kalam was born in a very poor family in the southern parts of India at Rameswaram.

• I always admired him because he proved everyone wrong that even if you are from a poor background one can still reach the top with sheer hard work and dedication. 

 He became not only the best rocket engineer but also the first citizen of the nation.

• He described his post as the President as a piece of luck, but his achievement as a rocket engineer was because of his hard work.

• He is a role model for one and all. The success of Dr Kalam depended on the fact that he was willing to grow daily. He was always looking for things to learn.

• The real success of Dr Kalam is in his application of the discipline, what he learned, in other fields also.

• In him, I find a person with an insatiable quest for knowledge & great love for suffering fellow beings.

• Unfortunately, Dr Kalam has passed away but his achievements still echo in the hearts of all Indians.

• I would probably read this book again whenever I feel depressed because it motivates me in more than one way.

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