Describe a famous athlete you know | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a famous athlete you know.

You should say:
- Who he/she is?
- How do you know him/her?
- What has he/she achieved?
- And explain why he/she is famous?

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o India is filled with famous athletes participating and performing well in the Olympics as well as a variety of other sports but there is one who got famous recently as he won a gold medal in the javelin throw.

o His name is Neeraj Chopra.

o He won the sole gold medal for India in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the Javelin throw Competition.

o In India it’s a common practice in media to showcase people participating in sporting activities that perform well make them a trend around the country and I came to know about him while watching the news.

o While watching that news I came to know about how hard he worked and how much struggle he had to go through till the day he won the gold medal.

o They also narrated a story on how close he missed Olympic qualifications in 2016 which was very sad he could have scored at least a silver even then if not gold.

o However, the narrow miss must have strengthened his determination to perform well this time.

o In the interview, he stated that he could have won a silver or a bronze medal the last time, but he might not have won the gold medal this time if he had won in 2016 because that disqualification for Olympic made him work even harder for next 6 years.

o Both the national government and government of Haryana, his home state, awarded him financial awards for his amazing feat.

o After listening to his interviews, I think that he has a great personality too.

o I am his follower now on Twitter and Instagram.

o He actively posts about social issues.

o I think famous people have a responsibility to talk about social issues because it creates awareness and brings a change to the general public.

o I was very glad to know that he does that actively.

o He seems to be a philanthropist as well as he has donated half of his financial earnings from his achievement to charities even though he belongs to a poor family.

o Learning about him has made me think that there might be thousands of people, whose struggles and hard work die with them because they are unable to win a medal.

o I think the government must do more to make general people aware of them which can help athletes like him.

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