Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a person who solved a problem in a smart way.

- Who this person is?
- What the problem was?
- How did he/she solve it?
- And explain why you think he/ she did it in a smart way?

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• Everyone needs cleverness every once in a while, during their life to face difficulties and solve problems.

• Although I am smart, I am not that cunning but fortunately, I have some friends who are quite quick-witted when it comes to critical situations in 

• Here I would like to talk about Smith, my best friend from schooldays who always have clever solutions to my problems.

• Last year we had a reunion of our entire class and I was quite excited about it.

• However, I got a little surprised to read the invitation as it was a theme party which means I had to dress up according to the theme. Every guest was supposed to dress up like a Bollywood star to attend the party.

• But I did not have a suitable attire to wear so I had to buy one. I checked out multiple stores, but I couldn’t find anything that fits into my pocket.

• The dress that I especially liked was of James bond, but the price was too high.

• At this point, I got upset I was very depressed because I couldn’t attend the party to meet my friends.

• Fortunately, my best friend visited my place, and I discussed my problem with him. After hearing my problem instead of consulting, me, he rather started laughing and said the problem could be solved within seconds.

• He took me to a fashion store where one can rent some of the most elegant dresses, and I never knew that we could also rent clothes.

• I was lucky enough for me I was able to rent out the same dress I saw the other day which I could rent for a day instead of purchasing it and it wasn’t that hard on my wallet either.

• I was on cloud nine, and I thanked my friend for helping me out.

• I was the centre of attraction at the party and it all happened just because my friend solved my problem quite smartly if it was me, I would have probably missed the party but I am lucky to have friends like him.

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