Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn or a difficult thing you did | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a skill that was difficult for you to learn or a difficult thing you did.

You should say:
- When you learned it
- Why you learned it
- How you learned it
- How you felt when you learned it

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o Learning to know about driving a car is a very useful skill. Recently, I have learned to drive a car and I believe this is highly beneficial for me. In fact, before learning it, it was troublesome for me to manage my commuting to and for my college.

o Before knowing how to drive the car, I used to move to college using public buses.

o As a result, it was hard for me to reach college and attend the classes in due time. In most cases, I needed to get out of home too early to attend the classes. But now I can reach my college in time.

o I do not need to waste time on the streets and waiting for public transports.

o I have become an official family driver and my family is also happy.

o I learned driving at a local driving school here in Chhattisgarh in India. The school offers a wide range of driving courses and I took one of the courses in my preferred schedule.

o In this course, I have learned the basics of driving and taking care of a car. The instructor taught me about the driving basics carefully.

o Initially, my advancement slowed down for few days as I was afraid of driving.

o Riding in cars always created a sense of fear inside me. I thought that if the driver fails to control the car or if the brake does not work, I will have to die.

o But now, the fears are gone and I can drive a car faster than any other person.

o I used to learn the driving after dusk but gladly now I don’t feel that tired in the evening because of the car.

o Sometimes, my family uses me as their driver to reach various destinations. Often my elder sister asks me to bring her home from her university.

o When the driver of my father misses his duties, I am to be responsible for carrying his father at home or dropping him at his office. Sometimes, I go for long drives with my friends right before the weekend nights.

o This is a useful skill for me in many aspects. When I was unable to drive, I had to suffer a lot in the streets.

o I could not meet my schedule at the right time. Besides this, I had to wake up early in the morning to prepare for my destinations.

o Riding on public buses was a hassle for me. So, when I learned to drive, I can drive my car and go to my destinations easily.

o I do not need to wait in the public transport queues for the ride. I can save time and can focus on the other important tasks. I think this is a great real-life skill for me.

Happy Learning!

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