Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member.

You should say:
- When it happened?
- Who is this person?
- What the person did?
- And explain why you felt proud of him/her?

Image source: Unknown

o I was considered a very serious kid in my childhood who did everything seriously even I used to have fun seriously like if I play, I go all the way and have as much fun as possible.
o I was intelligent, but I never liked to study at home.

o In fact, I would spend all my day playing sports and video games only during vacation as my parents were quite strict about it but I was allowed to watch cartoons if I had finished my homework.

o But my dad was serious about giving me good education so he made me join extra classes right from when I was small.

o My elder sister who always was lacking when it came to studies was exceptional when it came to extracurricular activities.

o She is the person who I was proud of the most during my childhood because she always impressed me with her determination and performance in extracurricular activities.

o In fact, I believe the only reason I started drawing was because of her only.

o I think it was during 5th standard when I first saw her skill at drawing, she even did some classes related to that but I was never that serious about such stuff.

o During one drawing competition she painted a cricket field showing cricketers playing cricket I was astonished by how nicely she drew the painting even at such a young age she was appreciated by all her mentors and one of them even asked to join her for private tuition and then she did it for like 3-4 months and had to quit because it was far from home.

o I was mostly only into studies sports and games I rarely took interest in drawing but after that, even I started painting.

o I am still not that good at painting realistic pictures but because of her, I have become a bit good at drawing animated pictures. But there are many things I am proud of her of but this was one of many such things.

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