Describe a time you got up early | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a time you got up early.

- When was it?
- Why did you get up early?
- What did you do after getting up?
- How did you feel about it?

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• To be honest I am an insomniac so I always end up sleeping after 1 at night.

• As a result, I mostly wake up late as well.

• But there was a time I had to take an exam whose centre was Ahmedabad, which is about 180 km from where I lived.

• The exam time was also quite early as I had to reach by 8 30 AM.

• I had two options, either I can go there one day in advance or I could have taken a late-night bus and arrive early in the morning on the exam day.

• I decided on the latter because I didn’t want to waste money on a hotel.

• So, a few days before the exam, I tried sleeping a bit early and getting up a bit earlier.

• I wanted to get into a rhythm before the actual day.

• I was worried that if I directly tried it on the exam day, I might stay asleep and miss my stop during the exam day.

• On the day before the exam I booked a bus and left at around midnight on my luck I did manage to wake up 15 minutes before my stop which was 4:30 AM in the morning.

• After reaching Ahmedabad I first researched the location on a map and checked the distance and cost I might have to incur to reach my exam centre after that for the next two hours I sat near where I dropped off and I did some last-minute preparation.

• Then at 6 AM, I started looking for something to eat as I was getting hungry after eating, I started moving towards my exam centre.

• I could have gone a little later but my father has always taught me to arrive 30 minutes in advance and that’s what I did.

• During the journey, I went through my notes, one last time.

• After reaching, I called up my parents and took their blessings.

• My exam went well and rather than feeling tired and sleepy, I felt very fresh
and relaxed.

• Getting up early was a very nice experience.

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