Describe a time you moved to a new home/school | Recent IETLS speaking topic

Describe a time you moved to a new home/school.

You should say:
- When you moved
- Where you moved
- Why you moved
- And how you felt about it

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o When we are small there is little choice we have when it comes to the selection of school as everything is managed by our parents and like many other children, I too had to change my school when I was young.

o Today, I’m going to share one such time with you.

o My father is a foreman in the iron and steel industry and he is quite skilled at his jobs he is popular across states and often gets invited to move to other states and cities.

o Generally, he goes alone but this one time my mom insisted we all move together.

o He often went from one place to another. I was in 8th class and my dad was working in Mumbai at that time.

o At that time, I was studying in Swaminarayan Gurukul, in Bhavnagar. One day he received a call from Mumbai and he went but later mom also said we won’t stay alone take us with you so he came back after two months and took us along we moved in the thane section of Mumbai.

o The children of the majority of people like my father have to frequently change schools and sometimes end up in situations where they will have to learn a new language also as part of the curriculum.

o Whenever they change jobs children also have to change schools but the process of changing schools for children is normally simple. Once you reach a new place, the kids can start their school immediately.

o For me that was around September 2005 I suppose and I had to change mid-year.

o This was a newly established school. Most of the facilities like the swimming pool and playgrounds were still under construction at the time of my arrival.

o I did take some time to fit into the new environment, but soon enough I felt like I really belonged there.

o I made some great friends and had a great time overall even if it only lasted for few months.

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