Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like.

You should say:
- When and Where it happened?
- Who he/she was?
- Why you didn’t like this person?
- And explain why you were friendly to him/her on that occasion?

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o Finding people who are overconfident is very easy these days I had someone like that in my life too.

o During my school days, there was a showoff in my class I think it was during 6th standard.

o He was never that friendly with others and used to get jealous very easily because of it, he used to try and make others feel inferior and I never wanted to associate with such people so I always kept my distance.

o But I am also the type of guy who would help if someone needs it even if it is the same person, I avoided it my whole life.

o So, he ended up in an unfortunate incident where her mother fell sick and he missed classes for almost 30 days as he had to stay home to look after her mom.

o When I came to know about this, I felt bad for him even though I disliked his habits.

o Nobody was willing to help and he also knew that and was hesitant to ask for help but I was a new student just joined last year so he didn’t know me that much so for him, it was more convenient to ask me than the people he knew for so long.

o He did ask me for help but I was hesitant at first because if I helped him, he might start acting friendly with me and that meant I’ll have to associate with him daily and I could never adjust to his showoff attitude.

o Whenever in doubt I consulted my mom and she said that regardless of how he is we shouldn’t change ourselves because of others.

o She knew about my helping nature and that’s what she was hinting at and so I decided to help him.

o I called him and told him that I will sit with him an hour after class every day till the exams.

o As I spent time with him, I understood him better and got to know that he was an introvert that explained why he behaved so oddly during class.

o He didn’t mean to be rude but didn’t know how to respond which made it look like he is mean and rude.

o Later I made him spend time with others and eventually everyone understood he isn’t as bad as they all made him look to be and then we all had some fun years at school together.

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