Talk about an article which you have read about health | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Talk about an article which you have read about health.

You should say
- What it was?
- When did you read it?
- Where did you read it?
- Why did you read it?
- Why do you think it was an interesting read?

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o To be honest I hate reading as it always makes me sleepy and I would rather watch a documentary on the same topic than read the same material.

o But there are times when I read articles online especially when it refers to health and fitness and I am a hardcore fitness enthusiast.

o So, there was this one time I read an article about intermittent fasting which was quite interesting.

o I read it online but I am not sure where exactly but I suppose it must be one of the health sites I have subscribed to.

o I always have trouble with my diet as apart from me nobody at home likes to follow fitness and health that seriously.

o I always make a New Year’s resolution to follow a healthy lifestyle and adopt good eating habits because nothing beats a healthy body at hand.

o Usually, whenever I am bored, I tend to refer to things I like sometimes I end up spending hours looking into health and fitness.

o So, I have this facility on the phone where I just have to swipe right and I will get all updated articles based on my interest that I have set on my Google account.

o So, this one fine day I suppose it was probably during summer I saw an article on intermittent fasting.

o Generally, I am very sceptical about reading stuff online but being a doctor if the information they have provided lines up with my knowledge and I tend to read them thoroughly.

o This particular article explained that intermittent fasting meant fasting in a way where people fast periodically.

o Some people suggest hours-based intermittent fasting but this one was in terms of days that you could fast for few days then continue the diet for a week then repeat.

o This helps burning excess calories as in the days you fast and you generally intake half of our daily requirements so this burns your fat reserves very quickly.

o In India people always do fasting for religious benefit but even while fasting they keep eating high caloric items like certain fruits, certain types of fried items, and so on I was never a big fan of fasting but I believe if people followed this regime, they could lose weight if they wanted.

o Apart from how to follow it they also had a sample diet plan during fasting in the article and they also mentioned the benefits of doing such practices.

o One is a fitness enthusiast who always maintains my weight close to normal and goes to the gym or workout at home so it wasn’t that useful to me but people could benefit from it so I shared it on my social media so that whoever wanna follow can do it.

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