Describe a creative person whose work you admire | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a creative person whose work you admire.

You should say
- Who he/she is?
- How do you know him/her?
- What creative things he/she has done?
- And explain why you think he or she is creative?

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o Some people are creative in the way they present the food, some are innovative in gardening, some find out the bizarre way of decoration, some who are imaginative do unique paintings or sketches, some do it in the way they dress.

o My friend’s mother is quite creative herself, her name is __________. I never asked her age but she may be in her forties right now.

o She is very creative in Recycling things and she doesn’t like to throw away waste.

o Whenever I visit their home, she is always engrossed in one or the other thing trying to build something new.

o My friend sometimes tells me that her mother never sits and wastes time she is always into something.

o She always finds new ways to recycle and she has made many things like origami out of waste papers which we generally throw away as garbage.

o She has loads of origami used as decoration pieces around the house.

o Whenever I visit their house there is always something new which I have not seen before just a week ago when I went her mother was making some bags out of old clothes and they were so tough and resistant compared to other bags we find in the market which breaks quite easily.

o Out of curiosity I asked her why does she do that and she said it’s our duty to look after and reduce the amount of trash we throw because the world has limited space and we can’t destroy it just because we feel lazy to recycle.

o When she has more than she needs she often gives away things to people who need them too.

o She has been very helpful and I also have learned many things from her.

o Honestly, I think a house with recycled and creative things looks more beautiful than materialistic things we find in the market which is made by harming the environment which makes me admire her even more.

o So, this is one of the creative people in my life.

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