Describe a difficult decision that you once made | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a difficult decision that you once made.

You should say
- What the decision was?
- When you made the decision?
- How long did it take you to make the decision?
- And explain why it was a difficult decision to make?

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o Decision-making ability is extremely crucial to have and making proper decisions is even more important.

o Some are very common that we do on daily basis like what cologne to use what type to wear and the type of food you want to have but some are life-changing decisions.

o One such time was during my higher secondary school when I had to decide on which field to opt for after graduation from high school.

o I was honestly quite confused after my 10th result as even while not being serious I managed to score distinction and I had a score of 80+ both in mathematics and science and I also loved playing sports especially cricket and football.

o I was quite sure about one thing though that the last option will be the most difficult to achieve because my dad once told me that you can play whatever you want but I won’t allow you to make a career in it.

o So, if I want to do that, I would have to pester my dad about it and I am not the kind of person who will keep pestering people until they agree I prefer smooth and straightforward conversation so I decided to strike it off the list.

o Then next was mathematics and science both were good options as I could take up either the engineering field or medical field if I wanted.

o I was exceptionally good at math even my tuition teacher acknowledged that he once said I was like a chameleon who looks like a simple boy but can do extraordinary things when focused.

o He was my math teacher.

o The surprise for me was science I didn’t think I would end up 80+ in that also and my dad also had a dream that he wants to see me as a doctor in the future.

o Since my dad did so much for me, I decided to fulfil his wishes and do what is required and be a doctor.

o It took me a lot of time to come up with this decision as I liked math more than science as I could potentially do anything after just doing it once properly without even looking at it again.

o I generally don’t prefer taking other people’s advice because I don’t like blaming others as other people do for the choice they took after their suggestions so I spent the whole month alone thinking about it and then decided to be a doctor.

o This was probably the most difficult thing I did when it comes to making the decision.

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