Describe a habit your friendship has and you want to develop | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a habit your friendship has and you want to develop.

- Who your friend is?
- What habit does he/she have?
- When did you notice this habit?
- And explain why you want to develop this habit?

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o Well, to be honest, I don’t have many friends, to begin with as of now I do have a lot of people I can call friends but they are miles away from here.

o There are few who always call or text or visit just to catch up but most others even though we are friends never talk much one of the reasons why I don’t invest time nowadays to make friends.

o But I have a friend called James he is always in this cool calm composure and it never really changes no matter where or in what situation additionally I have never really seen him talk anything bad about others he might say few words when angry but after 2 minutes he will be back to normal having such clean and pure thinking is so rare to find nowadays I love both these things about him.

o Back in college I was in a relationship for like 4 years but the girl betrayed me and married some other guy immediately after we graduated.

o I was devastated during that time I was working in my college and James was always there to give me the company he tried to be sneaky about it but I understood that he was there only because of my breakup and didn’t want me to go on the wrong lane and made sure to stay there until I was back up on my feet.

o You might have to have the blessing of God to have a friend like that but I was always jealous of his habit of keeping pure and straightforward thinking like that It takes.

o In the end I’d just tell you that his habit creates a positive vibe that surrounds him because of the way he sees the world.

o Since, looking at the world through a simpler, more positive lens make life more pleasant.

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