Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved.

You should say:
- What it is
- Why haven’t achieved it
- What you did
- And how you felt about it

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• Honestly, I am an ambitious person and I often find things that I want to do.

• Even when I was small, I had multiple things in my mind one was to become a cricketer second was to become a software and game developer and the third was to become a doctor.

• My dad never supported my cricketing dream so I knew that it will not work out anyway but still I did try my best in it and always tried to learn as much as I could when I played with others and I did manage to play till college and university level.

• Then comes software development I loved computers and was much interested in technology additionally my math’s was also quite good so I thought I might be able to pull it off but then my dad told me to become a doctor, now it wasn’t a bad choice as I was good with biology too but often I hesitated because it wasn’t my go-to choice .. still, I ended up doing that only in the end.

• But whenever I got the chance I used to try and learn about computer languages software development and stuff.

• I used to get like month vacation in college that time also I used to surf and learn about it whenever I could.

• I even joined a coaching class one time but unfortunately, I got a call from college about my next year class I had to go without completing the course in time.

• Then I kind of got detached for a while because my final year is quite tough and we don’t get much time during it.

• But when I came back after my graduation I joined a clinic and they were developing software so I kind of learned a lot from there too as I was in constant contact with the developer and I use to often test the software after it was updated also reported troubleshoot inquires.

• But after that, I decided to go to Canada, and right now m busy with it but I have a plan of completing my dream about software and game development after I retire in Canada itself as I will have too much free time during that time.

• I don’t give up very easily because I know someday, I will be able to make it come true but to be honest I kind of love my work as a doctor too I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing that either.

• So, this is an ambition I have yet to achieve in my life but every time I get an opportunity, I try to learn something about it.

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