Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired.

You should say:
- What it is?
- How it was broken?
- How do you get it repaired?
- And how you felt about it?

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• Nowadays, I am not a big fan of purchasing new things rather I get the old ones repaired because I am comfortable using them unless of course the technology is no longer supported by the newer software.

• Now I am a very careful precise and meticulous person but that was not the case when I was your I was carefree open-minded and used to be outgoing who always prioritized having fun more.

• So, there were a lot of instances when I broke things on purpose out of curiosity and sometimes it happened accidentally because of my carefree nature.

• Back in school time, I was in love with outdoor games and I used to play cricket a lot as most people played that only. But initially, I was not that good with it so I used to practice in my free time when I was alone at home after I was done with my school and private tuitions homework.

• I always tried to be careful but my house wasn’t very spacious and it got cramped many times performing certain actions.

• So, this one time I asked my sister to help me with practice and she threw the ball while I practised batting stances. Initially it well marvellously but suddenly something unexpected happened.

• She threw it too wide and close to the television but I was too much invested and focused on practising that I failed to notice the TV and as I swung my bat I hit the TV screen and it cracked.

• My dad was very strict back in those days for our sake so that we don’t get spoiled too much and I was always petrified with his way of reprimanding me whenever I made blunders. Unfortunately for me I rarely did them but whenever I did it used to be serious, one time I broke my forearm bones into two and the next time I beat up a friend because he hurt me badly even though it was due to an accident. But this time I was
petrified because I had never broken any house item which was so expensive at the same time important in the house.

• When my dad came I hide behind my mom and as my mum told him he got really mad but knew it was not going to help to scold or beat me so instead he told me strictly not to play in the house again and then took me along with him to the shop and told me to check up here every two days to see if he has repaired it or not.

• So, it took I think around 7-8 days by the time they fixed the TV and I finally felt relieved because it was my mistake that the TV broke.

• Therefore, this was a time I remember breaking my TV inside the house as clear as a day which we later got repaired.

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