Describe something you received for free | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe something you received for free.

You should say:
- What it was?
- Who did you receive it from?
- Where did you receive it?
- And how do you feel about it?

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• To be honest unlike western countries children in India are kind of freeloaders in most cases as everything is funded by parents until we land a job during our adulthood.

• Even our college tuition and living cost are funded by them so we are kind of privileged when it comes to doting parents in India.

• So same was the case with me my parents were very supportive in life they supported me in every way possible and the only thing they asked in return was for me to perform well in my studies and I always tried to never let them down except for a few instances.

• So, the one thing that I loved the most was the first scooter that my dad bought for me in my 11th standard. After completing 10th I took science biology group as my father wished and I was quite used to driving a bicycle everywhere even if it was like 10 miles away, I would simply ride on it.

• But during 11th and 12th it was a little problematic as my tuition timing was very closely packed and I had only 5-10 minutes in-between them but they were quite far away from each other.

• On top of one of my private classes and a big slope which was very difficult to climb on the bicycle so I couldn’t make it in time.

• When my father realized this, he instantly bought one gearless scooter for me so that I could focus more on my study and my fatigue doesn’t get in the way of my studies.

• I think that was the best gift received because it helped me a ton; during that even it saved me enough time so that I could enjoy some free time with my school friends during that time.

• In our free days, we could even arrange study sessions in each other homes and sometimes we used to go out to have some fun as well since I was from a middle-class family, we didn’t go to any expensive places but we still used to have a lot of fun in those days.

• Those two years were the most memorable to me out of all my school years and it was all thanks to this gift I received from my dad the best part was he gave it to me without me even asking.

• And I believe that most Indian children are lucky to have such doting parents in their life they can be strict in some ways but they always make our life easy.

• So out of all the gifts, this was the one that I liked a lot.

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