Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully | Recent IELTS speaking topics

Describe a time when you organized a happy event successfully.

You should say:
- What the event was?
- How do you prepare for it?
- Who helped you to organize it?
- And explain why you think it was a successful event?

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• To be honest, I hate going into things like events, and especially I dislike organizing them because everyone would just give their own opinion instead of following directions.

• During college years in December of our last year I think in 2016 it was my 
friend's birthday and all our friends wanted to do something special for him and he used to stay in a rented apartment so it was kind of difficult to arrange everything without letting him know.

• So, we asked her girlfriend to keep him busy during the whole day and we took a spare key to the room from her.

• They left early morning at around 7 am and to make sure that they won’t find us we arrived at 9.30 and we even bunked the college on that day which I usually don’t do.

• We already had an idea but we asked for his girlfriend's input also on how we should plan it.

• In total we were around 7-9 members organizing it together one of us went out to get the materials, the other went to arrange food items and cold drinks and one of them was in charge of cake and pastries.

• We started getting everything ready by 1 pm as we made sure that they are outside till 7 pm as we planned a busy day for my friend.

• So we planned to decorate the entire hall with hanging balloons and photographs with showpieces and cake in the centre. It took us a lot of effort and hard work to arrange everything as we had no support to hang them on the ceiling.

• When they arrived we all were hiding inside with camera and stuff recording it.

• The expression on his face was priceless, he was trying so hard to hide his happiness but he just couldn’t stop smiling and then we jumped out shouting surprise happy birthday.

• At that moment we all felt happy as he loved it and had pure happiness on his face, he was kind of embarrassed too because of what we did and he was 
completely stunned with it as it was out of his expectations.

• It wasn’t an easy task but it seemed to be worth it in the end. So this was a happy event that I organized at my friend's apartment during my college time.

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