Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an item of clothing that someone gave you.

You should say:
- What was clothing was?
- Who gave it to you?
- When do you get it?
- And explain why this person gave you the clothing?

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• Honestly, I have a very lovely family where everyone loves me but occasionally people do get frisky on me but I don’t mind that either.

• However, about three years ago my sister bought me a present.

• She bought me a navy-blue jacket for my regular use.

• It is really great for most of the activities that I do as it didn’t catch dust yet protected me and my clothes from dust as you know in India dust is a common problem, especially for a two-wheel driver like me. I prefer bikes over cars, they are more fun to drive and have more control than cars.

• I’d mentioned a while ago that I was thinking of buying them but I’ve been so busy recently I just haven’t had time to go out and look for them.

• Originally, I had seen them online but they didn’t ship it here, so I had planned to scout around in some of the shops downtown to see if they stocked them, or something similar.

• Anyway, completely out of the blue, my sister turned up and presented me with a gift one afternoon I had no idea what she had bought me. Because one was that she would have to ask an overseas friend to ship it to India second is that it would hell a lot costly to do so I had no expectation from anyone to gift me that.

• As I was unwrapping the box, I realized what she had bought and I couldn’t believe it.

• It’s not the first time we’ve surprised each other with small gifts before but this was bigger than usual and I love it.

• I tried it on immediately and wore it for the rest of the day just because the jacket was so comfortable.

• Honestly, I can’t say it was an important gift in the sense that it changed my life or was extremely valuable or something like that, but it was really special because I never would have imagined that she paid any attention to the fact that I’d mentioned I was thinking of buying this jacket a while back, so it just goes to show how much she cares and I love her for that, that’s why it’s so special.

• I just hope I can return the favour soon, and buy her something really nice that she’s been wanting for some time – the problem is that I’m really bad at shopping for other people, but I’ll definitely be making an effort for my sister she’s the best!

• She does demand hell a lot of things but hopefully, once I am in Canada, I can ship her some good things of her choice.

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