Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about.

You should say:
- Who he/she is?
- When do you meet him/her?
- Why do you want to know more about him/her?
- And explain how you feel about him/her?

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• To be honest I am an introverted extrovert so I tend to be selective with who I speak and how much but once you know me well, I can be quite talkative at times if I am in the mood.

• I don’t prefer to talk unnecessarily especially at work, events, parties, and even on my daily commute with strangers or people I am not close with as I tend to run out of topics to talk with them and I don’t like to share my personal life with strangers.

• I usually don’t even try to remember people I have met only once, and I am not likely to meet again since it is pointless to do so.

• However, there is this particular person I remember vividly who I met only once.

• He left quite a mark on me, and I couldn’t help thinking about him the next day and for many more weeks. And I felt like we could be good friends if we happen to meet daily.

• I met him during my travel while going on a trip with my family.

• He was sitting next to us and reading a newspaper.

• I was finding it hard to pass time, my phone was discharged, and it was a long journey.

• Luckily, he had a newspaper that had a crossword puzzle sudoku and such games printed on it so him if I could borrow the page from his newspaper.

• He gave the page quite easily and I worked on it for some time quite some time it was mostly easy but there were things I couldn't do and when I returned it, I saw him inspect the ones I couldn’t answer.

• He started to help me with those questions. He knew everything I couldn’t answer, unlike his looks he was quite intelligent.

• I was really impressed and asked him how he knew all that.

• He told me he was a reader and read every single daybook and newspaper.

• We started to talk more, not only was he knowledgeable, but he was also very witty and funny.

• We kept talking and talking and held an actual conversation the entire journey.

• He told me more about himself.

• He was a few years older than me; he was from Bangalore going to Delhi for the weekend. He also told me many things like his hobby about his travelling experience places he had visited so far and how many other places he plans to visit.

• I also have this love for travelling and we exchanged stories about interesting places we had visited.

• He had a tiring job. However, he made sure to rejuvenate himself by doing things he loved.

• I had just started my first job and had been so inundated with the workload.

• The way he explained how he manages his life left me quite impressed and inspired on how one should live.

• Due to him, 2 days of the journey felt like nothing and soon we had arrived and left for our destination.

• He had this positive vibe surrounding him I wished I got his number that’s the only thing I regret we could have been good buddies but I forgot in a hurry.

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