Describe a skill that you learned from older people | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a skill that you learned from older people.

You should say
- What the skill is?
- Who did you learn it from?
- How did you learn it?
- And how do you feel about it?

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• Older people are the unappreciated diamonds in this modern era and it is undeniable that today’s generation can learn a lot from senior citizens of our society.

• I am thankful for my having such a doting family for as long as I remember but the one thing, I will always thank them for is teaching me to respect elder and listen to them first before speaking.

• This has made me available to learn so many things from elders, but the one thing that I like the most is recycling, reusing, and repurposing everything.

• I learned this skill from my grandmother she is a doting grandma she always pampers their grandchildren in her own way it may not be like it but we as their grandchildren know how she feels.

• I grew up in a nuclear family with both parents working busy jobs.

• Every year during summer I used to spend two months with my grandparents since our hometown was far, we had to travel for a couple of days before we reached there.

• My grandmother would find imaginative ways to reuse and recycle everything in her home.

• She would never dispose of anything and would instead reuse them in any way possible like she always reused her old clothes and every year she made blankets from all the old clothes in the house.

• They were really comfy to use even as a blanket or as a bed cover She would recycle glass jars that we get along with products and use them to hold spices, tea, grains, lentils, and many more things.

• She never throws away the newspaper and will instead use it to clean windows and reused aluminium foil to clean pots and pans or sell them to recycle agents for reuse which they sell back to the concerned company.

• She would often curse at us for spoiling and throwing away things but as we grew, we understood what she meant by all that I mostly learned everything by observing her and helping her with some of the repurposings.

• Projects, she did I even learned farming a bit by spending time with her I did cut myself a few times in the process but it was so much fun.

• Sometimes we even went out in the jungle to buy wood for the fire.

• I started to implement her ideas at my house too and as I grew older it became a habit.

• I feel indebted to my grandmother that she taught me these valuable skills.

• At this age, when everyone uses and throws things, I feel privileged to know such things I even teach them to my colleagues if they are interested and is a good conversation topic too.

Happy Learning!
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