Describe a long walk you ever had | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a long walk you ever had.

- When did this happen?
- Where you walked?
- Who you were with?
- And explain how you felt about this walk?

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• This year I have resolved to go for morning walks for at least half of the days for 2km at least hence for a month or so I have gone for a morning walk almost daily.

• Usually, I keep it short sometimes it happens to belong as well so this one time I took my friend along and we went for a long walk.

• The walk was with my friend named James.

• He is currently studying in Australia and only came back because of Covid-19 and has left back a few days ago.

• He had come to India during his vacations and when he had free time he came to the town I live in to spend at least a day with me before he left which was last month so he arrived in the evening so I let him rest on that day and the next morning we both went for a long walk.

• The morning was especially cool on that day and it was quite foggy on that day and in such wonderful weather. We enjoyed the early morning breeze and chatted with each other.

• There is a very big park near my house.

• It has a very nice jogging track with places for people to rest and children to play in between on the sidelines as well.

• We took two rounds of that track instead of focusing on the walk. We ended up chatting a lot.

• He told me many things about his study in Australia.

• He had to face many difficulties initially as it took him two months to find a part-time job.

• Now he has a job there and is also doing well in his studies.

• During that walk, he was asking me to join him in Australia but he knew my plans are for Canada so I persuaded him to join me in Canada instead when he gets bored of Australia.

• We also shared nostalgic memories of our college days with each other.

• That walk is very memorable for me because it had been such a long time since we spent time like that.

• We decided to meet back in Canada after I land in Canada, all in all, it was a fun walk. We ended up walking for 5 miles for like 2 hours nonstop but we were too busy chatting that we were walking too slow, and ended up taking so long.

• So, all in all, I enjoyed that long walk a lot.

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