Describe a special cake you received from others | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a special cake you received from others.

You should say:
- When did it happen?
- Where it happened?
- Who you got the cake from?
- And explain why it’s a special cake?

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• Nowadays it’s a general trend among society to celebrate a special day with one or the other dessert and among them. Cakes are the most loved desserts by people of all age groups.

• Also, it’s a known fact that the cake-cutting ceremony is considered an essential part of every celebration such as birthday, weddings and many other similar occasions.

• I have attended various functions where I enjoyed a variety of cakes. But there is this cake which I remember so clearly and still crave for it sometimes.

• A few years back when I went to my hometown it was probably my first time there during my birthday but the facilities over there are not very good so I wasn’t expecting anything special on my birthday.

• But to my surprise, everyone surprised me with a very special cake on my birthday.

• The celebration was organized at my house, my family invited all the near and dear ones to our residence.

• Everyone was very excited about enjoying the occasion together as it was the first time I was there.

• It was a mixed-fruit cake and because of the variety of fruits and toppings, it was very colourful.

• The appearance of the cake was very attractive as it was beautifully decorated with red roses at the top, made of strawberry pineapple and many other fruits I don’t remember all of them unfortunately since it was such a long time ago.

• In the centre of the cake, they wrote my name with rose petals surrounded by roses.

• Additionally, at the sides, there were different fruits placed and a layer of mirror glaze.

• The cake looked delicious and especially the children were eagerly waiting for the cake-cutting.

• I admired the cake as it seemed appealing. Moreover, when I ate the cake, it was very soft on the outside and firm inside and I got tiny pieces of fruits in every bite.

• Every layer of the cake was filled with pieces of fresh fruits which made it tastier.

• Although my stomach was full by eating a lot of food items, I was not able to stop myself from eating the cake.

• Also, all the guests loved the cake and asked about the details of the bakery.

• For me, the cake turned out to be a special cake I enjoyed.

• It might seem very ordinary for people living in a city but it was special for me.

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