Describe chocolate you didn’t like | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe chocolate you didn’t like.

You should say:
- What it was?
- When do you taste it?
- How does it taste like?
- And explain why you didn’t like it?

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• There was never a time when I was crazy about chocolate in my life it always had a measly place in my life if I could I would eat it if I couldn’t I wouldn’t exactly miss it.

• But still, it’s I mostly like the taste of chocolate.

• But there was this one time when I disliked a bar of chocolate. It happened a few months ago when I moved out and changed the house.

• I was staying with my sister and she planned to shift the apartment.

• As I grew up I started paying more attention to health and fitness and more in life so sooner or later I started eating less and fewer carbs in life until I ended up switching from regular chocolate to sugar-free dark chocolate.

• A distant relative of mine stays in the US and he during his visit had brought a huge box of dark chocolates for me and regular ones for everyone else as almost everyone in my home likes chocolate.

• However, my excitement turned into disappointment as the chocolates were China-made as the box had Chinese all over it, and at this point, I realised my uncle had purchased this chocolate box from a two-dollar Chinese shop rather than from a chocolate boutique in AMERICA.

• But still, I didn’t pay any mind to it as it was still chocolate that I liked and on top, it’s the thought that counts not the effort put into it.

• So I am generally okay with whatever they bring so eventually they left but still, there was some of it left and I had put it in the fridge but my sister who has no knowledge of dark chocolates actually took it out during shifting and placed it somewhere and forgot she was unaware of the fact that such sudden changes in the environment can deform and harm the dark chocolate and on top, she forgot about it which was quite annoying too.

• Eventually, we couldn't find it for days, and then when we finally did I placed it was in the freezer for a day the opened the pack to try it and I could not withstand the taste of the chocolate anymore it was quite weird I searched on the internet and they said that we could still eat but couldn’t accept it tastes.

• So, I left it as it is thinking that maybe others may eat it but nobody liked it and so due to the clumsiness of my sister we had to throw away the perfectly good dark chocolate as far as I could recall this was the only time when I couldn’t eat something bitter as normally I could even drink a bitter strong black coffee like an espresso without sugar without batting an eye.

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