Describe an introvert person whom you know | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an introvert person whom you know.

You should say:
- Who the person is?
- How well do you know him/her?
- What makes him/her introverted?
- And explain how you feel about this person?

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• There are a variety of people around us who can easily express their ideas and opinions with others but there are so many others too who cannot do that and have limited people who they are comfortable with.

• The former group is generally referred to as extroverted while the latter one is referred to as introverted.

• They hesitate in everything they do mostly when socializing and when they want to express themselves. While extrovert people are excellent in communication, they can openly discuss anything and everything.

• Here I am going to talk about a friend of mine who is an introverted person and feels a lot of hesitation all the time.

• Her name is Jenny and she is actually my childhood friend. Jenny lives just adjacent to my neighbourhood and she is a close friend of mine.

• She is excellent in academics and is the topper in every exam.

• She just lacks some communication skills which makes her stand behind others in many perspectives of her life.

• Being childhood friends, we have strong bonding and she can express herself openly in front of me but that also took a while initially when we became friends.

• We do our academic work and projects together. Since childhood, we have played together and celebrated all the festivals with each other.

• Our parents are family friends.

• She is shy when it comes to expressing her opinion in front of others and sometimes, she cannot tell important things to others just because of her introverted nature.

• She never takes part in extracurricular activities in school as she doesn’t like to communicate with other people.

• I always try to make her comfortable with others but when I am not around, she sits alone this makes her an introverted person.

• I have suggested many things.

• I motivate her to make friends.

• Make her watch motivational videos.

• I even talk about different shades of personality.

• I want her to take part and do some volunteer work in the community so she gets the opportunity to make conversation with others.

• I have made enough efforts to make her just like me and to an extent, I have succeeded but I am not totally successful at changing her. But I believe it is fine for her to be the way she is as long as she is happy with it.

• But I believe one day she might learn to open up and be more extroverted than anyone else.

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