Describe an invention that has changed how people live | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an invention that has changed how people live.

You should say:
- What it is?
- How has it changed people’s lives?
- What benefits did it bring?
- And explain if it is more important for older or younger people?

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• Due to innumerable inventions and innovations in the world, a lot of things have changed for good. One would find it outrageous if someone said that this would be the world in just 30 years during the 1990s.

• Out of all those creative and useful inventions, I find the internet the most convenient invention of all time that has completely modified the lifestyle of humans.

• Almost all have changed due to the internet but the most massive impact it had is on the communication sector. In past, talking to someone instantaneously no matter what the distance was like a fairytale but now it is a reality.

• We could talk to anyone in any place no matter what the distance is given that both are free and available to speak.

• Back in the olden days' relations usually broke when people moved out to far places but now it is a piece of cake to maintain friendships and relationships as it is so convenient to talk.

• This is just one facet of the internet; it is now multifaceted as it is helpful in a wide variety of fields too.

• For instance, shopping habits have changed for good, before people had to go for miles to buy products but now everything is delivered at home without worry.

• It would have been considered stupid to think we could do the medical test at home but now many of them can be done at home just by placing a request online using the internet.

• Just like any other invention internet also has some shortcomings beyond a certain band with it is harmful to all living organisms, it can be addictive if not used properly and it can also be a reason for many people losing track of their goals in life.

• So, this is one of the best inventions that has modified the life of human beings in a big way.

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