Describe a positive change in your life | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a positive change in your life.

- What the change was?
- When did it happen?
- How it happened?
- And Explain why it was a positive change?

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• I like making changes in my life from time to time because I am a very practical person and when I find that something isn’t practical in life that is the time when I change things whatever I feel like is a waste. And is making my life negative.

• I have done many changes that I find were positive for my well-being but this year I have made a resolution to go for morning walks for at least half of the days for 2km at least hence since January 1st or so I have gone for a morning walk almost daily which I think has an extremely positive change in my life.

• Usually, I keep it short sometimes it happens to belong as well so sometimes I take my friend along and we go for a long walk whenever that happens.

• The last time it was with my friend named James. He is currently studying in Australia and only came back because of covid 19 and has gone back a few months ago.

• He had come to India during his vacations and when he had free time, he came to the town I live in to spend a day with me before he left in the morning, we both went for a long walk. The morning was especially cool on that day and it was quite foggy that day in such wonderful weather, we enjoyed the early morning breeze and chatted with each other.

• Whenever I go for walk, I generally visit a park near my house.

• It has a very nice jogging track with places for people to rest and children to play in between on the sidelines as well.

• I generally take two rounds of that track and I try to pace it up so that the walk is effective and not a waste of time.

• Usually, I also listen to music when I am alone it makes the walk more enjoyable.

• It wasn’t easy at first it used to feel like my body will break apart because 2km is no joke especially when you are sprinting.

• Over time it became less and less of a challenge and now I could even go live with some weights after the sprint for another hour or so.

• It has made my body language positive I feel more energetic and it feels like my body is overflowing with energy all day long of course sometimes it makes my body ache if I over so it but I believe that was the best change I have made in my life so far because it makes me feel so good about myself.

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