Describe something that saves your time | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe something that saves your time.

- What did you save for?
- How do you save Your Time?
- How long had you been saving time?
- And explain Are you happy with what you saved for?

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• In this modern world, time is just not enough to do everything we like, and everyone is trying different things just to save time even if it is just a minute; even modern inventions these days are based on the same fact they invent things that could save our time and effort more or less.

• The same is the case with me I generally do not like wasting my time and I always like to invest money on things that save me some time more than anything else.

• Honestly, I am quite a shopaholic as I love to wear new outfits, footwear, footwear, and accessories all the time.

• Unfortunately, I live in an area where there are no excellent markets or places to buy things and since the population is also less not all trendy and updated clothes can be found over here for that reason, I had to travel to a nearby city with my friends or family on weekends to buy the things I wanted to.

• My home town is one such place and it is around 100 kilometres from the nearest modern city.

• So, this way, I used to waste about 4 hours just travelling to this place, which made my shopping experience quite uncomfortable and tiring.

• But some time ago, on my friend’s recommendation, I started to buy things online. He introduced me to online platforms like Amazon Flipkart Myntra, a fantastic platform where I can buy almost anything. 

• The great thing about them is the variety.

• We can buy branded, non-branded, local, and at the same time, international products sitting in the comfort of our homes.

• As a result, now I don’t have to travel to a different place for shopping on weekends.

• The best part about buying things online is getting them replaced without any effort if I do not like any delivered product.

• As a result, now I can spend my weekends more productively.

• Overall, this one thing has saved a lot of time, and I highly recommend others who find shopping a time-consuming activity consider buying things online.

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