Describe a time when you were stuck in a Traffic Jam | Recent IETLS Speaking Topic

Describe a time when you were stuck in a Traffic Jam.

You should say:
- When and where did it happen?
- How long you were in the traffic jam?
- And explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam?

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• Traffic jams are quiet. A common occurrence in India these days as the population has increased quite a lot in the past.

• Especially is the case during the peak office hours and if you are unlucky you might end up waiting for like 15 minutes on a single signal stop.

• But when there are rallies or special delegates are travelling traffic is suddenly cleared or halted for them and this too creates a lot of traffic for quite some time.

• I am from Ahmedabad and I usually travel on my bike wearing a helmet and protective gear as people do sometimes drive rash and one needs to be ready for such scenarios inside my helmet I always have my earphone on with some music.

• This helps me cut the traffic waiting period many times.

• This one-time last year there was unusually high traffic when I was heading home it was so much that even though I had already waited to cross the traffic signal for like 15 minutes where I passed my time with some music but even after going past the signal the road ahead was jam-packed and I was driving at the speed of 10-20 for like another few kilometres.

• I was obviously dumbfounded by the fact that there was traffic on the road that is generally clear and where I could drive up to 100km/hr at ease but as I drove further, I saw that two cars went into an accident on the road which was the reason for such a huge amount of traffic if that wasn’t enough the drivers were also stopping to see the accident scene as they drive off near the spot which caused even more delays and traffic jams.

• This is one of the things. I dislike many times when people knowing the fact there are people in distress watch it like they are vising amusement parks and create trouble for other people who are trying to drive off the area.

• I felt pretty irritated when I saw that the actual reason for the entire traffic jam was people slowing down near the accident site to see what happened instead of driving it off and clearing the road so that help can arrive.

• Finally, when I reached home, I felt pretty relieved and hoped that such an event
doesn’t repeat very often in the future at least when I am travelling.

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