Describe an interesting neighbour of yours | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe an interesting neighbour of yours. 

- How long you have known this neighbour? 
- What sort of person he/she is? 
- How often do you see him/her? 
- And explain what kind of relationship you have with him/her OR explain why you consider this person to be an interesting neighbour? 

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• Well I have stayed in a lot of neighbourhoods around my country as during my life till now I have moved around 10-12 times mostly due to my education and family. 

• So, I have met way lot of Neighbours which are unique in their own way. 

 • At present I live in a small row house society with a few other neighbours, but the most interesting of them is James and his family; he is very friendly and handy, always happy and willing to help anyone out of any precarious situation when he is at home. 

 • He is an electrical engineer, single in when I moved here about a year ago I didn’t talk much with anyone but he was quite talkative and introduced me to everyone in society, he was very welcoming and hospitable; he even offered to help me clean up my new apartment and fix the lights and spoiled kitchen tap for me. 

• This was something I knew I couldn’t handle on the spot as I was new and unaware of what lies where in the neighbourhood right now. 

 • Now after meeting such a fellow, I was really excited to live here because this was someone I had just met, and his politeness was overwhelming. 

• I find him quite fascinating because he is down to earth, outstanding and soft-spoken, he carries everyone along like, when I was planning my birthday party last month he was not left out, as usual, he volunteered and handled almost every aspect of the day, he made arrangements with the caterer in charge of food and drinks, I was completely blown away when the caterer informed me that he had already settled the bills for food and beverages, nobody had ever done that for me, and it meant a lot to me that a neighbour could actually go that length to make me happy. 

• Another neighbour, July, later told me James does the same thing for everyone during their birthdays, except when he is out of town. 

• Eventually I had respect for him too it is hard to find people like him these days and he was not any small-timer electrician he was working with a reputed company too. 

• So, this was one of those neighbours that I have met in my life that I find pretty interesting.

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