Talk about a special day which was not that expensive | Recent IELTS speaking topics

Talk about a special day which was not that expensive.

- What was the occasion?
- Where do you go?
- Who did you celebrate with?
- Why it didn’t cost you much?

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• Unlike the last when there was not much to do and see in life people nowadays try to make all moments memorable by celebrating them in one or the other way in their budget.

• All people strive hard to make their special days memorable. However, sometimes things are not in our control, and we have to go ahead with the circumstances.

• One such instance happened when I wanted to organize an event two years back, but life had a different plan. I had planned to take my parents to a themed restaurant in our city where we would celebrate it in a grand way.

• My family plus our close relatives were a part of the party.

• We all assembled at my home one night before the party and after a small celebration at home, we were supposed to go to the restaurant together.

• But it didn’t exactly work out as planned because one night before the day, the local administration announced a lockdown in my city as soon as the news spread everyone in the city rushed to store the necessary supplies for their family to make the situation worse some of the people were found to be corona positive in my neighbourhood and due to it the area was sealed off with no entry for people from outside to make matter worse police were regularly patrolling the area to make sure the instructions were followed.

• As we were not allowed to go outside, we decided to order the food from outside. But the local police didn’t allow us to come out of our home.

• Finally, we decided to celebrate the event at our home.

• Luckily, we had sufficient stock of groceries at our home.

• We and some of our close neighbours who were unaffected gathered to have a small celebration and we had a small but very lovely dinner celebration that night.

• Everyone gave a dance performance, and the night ended on a good note.

• So, the day ended on a sweet note instead of being an expensive grand celebration in a themed restaurant it ended up becoming a cheap small and a lovely dinner party at home.

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