Talk about a traditional object of your country | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Talk about a traditional object of your country or Talk about a traditional product of your country that you bought.

- What is it?
- How is it made?
- When did you try it for the first time?
- Why do you like it?

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• Any country has its own traditional products and conventional ways of using these products.

• My country, India, has them too in abundance.

• Today, I would like to discuss one such product, in as much detail as possible, which bought a while ago for my family.

• The name of this traditional product is “rolling board and rolling pin which is a traditional item of our country to make which is an Indian variety of bread made from a variety of flours mainly in used one is wheat flour.

• Although they are seemingly two different tools, they would need to be used in combination with each other to make something we call “roti”.

• Apart from making traditional bread for breakfast, usually, they may also
prove very useful when we need to make a traditional variety of cake called Pitha in India.

• As I have already mentioned earlier, they are rather simple tools, and as such, they don’t really require must time, effort or materials to be made.

• All you need to make them is some solid piece of seasoned woods, and a pair of strong arms of a carpenter with his tools.

• Usually, the carpenter would cut the wood in a ‘round’ size, which could be an inch or more in thickness, and then polish it as much as it is possible.

• The carpenter would also need to add a few legs underneath the circular board to help it stand up properly.

• As for the rolling pin, we need to polish up a piece of wood that is a little longer than one foot and about 5 centimetres in diameter, depending on your convenience.

• By the way, they don’t really cost that much. Sometimes, they may even cost as low as 2 dollars depending on the type of material used and the finishing done.

• Anyway, I purchased this traditional product because the old ones that we had at home had reached its limit and were actually wearing down because it was used for too long.

• Besides, as my mother has told me, they were not actually that convenient to use because of their small size.

Happy Learning!
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