Describe a person you would like to study or work with | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a person you would like to study or work with

- Who is that person?
- Why would you like to study with him/her?
- What will you study?

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- I believe it is crucial for me to fully concentrate on myself.

- Thus, I avoid taking classes with other people.
- Although I would like to talk about one person who I occasionally find more
convenient to study with, her name is Priyanshi.
- Some school subjects I never enjoyed.
- Because I found such subjects to be particularly challenging or dull in the
- There were occasions when I was unable to answer specific difficulties.
- She is a highly brilliant girl.
- She is primarily from Himachal Pradesh.
- I always feel really energised and upbeat when I study with her.
- For me, being upbeat is crucial when I am studying.
- She constantly tried to convey a breadth of subject expertise.
- I can still clearly recall one instance from the first semester of my eleventh grade science course.
- In physics, there were several numerical problems that I had.
- She helped me in understanding all the numerical for three to four days until I did.
- She is currently studying at a college in Ahmedabad.
- Each month, we do get together.
- Whenever we meet, we talk a lot to one another.
- She is good at physics, as I have already mentioned, so I would like to learn physics from her.
- Because I think physics has some concepts about science that need to be addressed.

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