Describe An Unusual Meal That You Had | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe An Unusual Meal That You Had.

- When did you eat it?
- Where did you eat it?
- With whom you had the meal?
- Why do you think it was unusual?

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 Food is something that always fascinates me and I love to try various dishes from different places.

 India is a diverse country and the diversity is visible in the food.

 Also, every state in my country has its food and it is delicious in its own way.

 Food from different cultures always attracts foodies from all around the World.

 Whenever I get a chance to taste a new cuisine, I always grab the opportunity.

 Here, I am going to talk about an unusual meal I had when I visited North East India for a wedding and I got a chance to try potato patty which is a North Indian delicacy.

 In this dish, Potatoes are used to make it.

 Potatoes are part of the staple diet for the majority of Indians.

 It is the same that is part of the regular North East Indian cuisine.

 Except that the potatoes are rotten.

 This is probably top of the list of favourite food in India which people actually eat as the main ingredient itself is rotten!! But people do enjoy eating it and they have no qualms about eating it raw or cooking it like any other vegetable.

 I had this dish when I was wandering the streets of North East town and my friend insisted I tasted this dish and we tried it in a roadside restaurant.

 It looks extremely colourful like some tamarind, mint, garlic sauce, pomegranate, and grapes over it but when you eat it makes me feel so spicy.

 Even now, I sometimes crave them.

 The name itself is very common and it is not popular to my knowledge.

 I have heard about this dish somewhere on the internet.

 It is an extremely available food mostly consumed in the North East of my country.

 So, I found this meal unusual as it is not available at any nook and cranny of my hometown.