Describe a long car journey you went on | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a long car journey you went on.

- Where you went?
- What you did do at that place?
- Who you went there with?
- Explain why you went on that journey by car and explain how you felt about the journey?

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 Well, in my opinion, travelling is one of the best therapies that one can have.
 Being a travelholic, I find it very exciting to travel by car.
 Here, I would like to describe one such car journey that I went on, during my last summer break in college.
 My friends also had a mini vacation in their respective institutes.
 Hence, we all decided to go together on a trip to Mumbai.
 We also made a bucket list of places to visit after roaming in Mumbai including beaches, shopping malls, museums, and many more.
 After reaching there, we stayed in Bandra’s famous Vile-Parle hotel, which is located in the city centre with all facilities available.
 The next day, we went on an adventure trip to Imagica Park.
 At first, we wanted to go to Mumbai by train, so that we can have our separate coach and enjoy many activities there.
 But as it was the vacation period at many places, the train was completely reserved.
 We avoided taking flight as it would go over budget.
 Hence, we confirmed to go by car.
 The cherry on the cake was not to carry luggage, wherever we go, we can just put it inside the car.
 It was the most memorable trip for me and my friends as we enjoyed a lot.
 The trip to Imagica was bliss, which gave as a feeling of thrill.
 We also enjoyed songs during our car journey and I feel that it was a mesmerizing experience.

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