Describe a new store/ shop in your town/ city | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Describe a new store/ shop in your town/ city?

- Where is it?
- What is sold there?
- Who goes there?

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 There are so many small business shops near the place where I stay.

 I feel that these shops are always helpful to fulfil the immediate needs of people.

 Today, I would like to speak about one such shop that has recently opened nearby.

 It was inaugurated a couple of months ago, with some rituals and it’s just a stone-throw away from my house.

 I am talking about a grand medical store, having all modern infrastructure and a nice modular arrangement of products.

 Its main board with LED lights is very beautiful and attractive.

 Also, it is set up in a prime location where it can be easily accessed by the public, as it is close to Central Bus station.

 Medicines from all pharmaceutical companies are available here, along with a wide range of cosmetics.

 It also sells a variety of surgical products and newborn items and also baby food for infants is available at this shop.

 It is a one-stop solution for all illnesses.

 Multiple patients visit here, of all age groups to buy things often.

 Mostly, older and middle-aged people are seen more, as they are in higher need of medicines due to some lifelong treatments.

 Also, new-borns parents visit there often to buy baby products and food.

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