Describe a place where there was a lot of noise/ describe a noisy place | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a place where there was a lot of noise/ describe a noisy place you have been to?

- When this happened?
- Where it was?
- Why is there a lot of noise?
- Explain what you did when you heard the noise?

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 Noise pollution has become an inevitable part of our life whether we like it or not, we have to tolerate it. We can’t escape it.

 Here, I am going to talk about a situation where there was too much noise.

 I vividly remember my last summer vacation. I went on a family trip, and I choose to explore a nearby city that I was visiting. I came upon a location with a lot of noise as I was wandering around.

 This noisy area was located in a tiny village close to the city.

 A small number of eateries and shops may be found in the town the commotion coming from this place intrigued me because I had never been to this town before.

 The town was hosting a small music festival, which is where the noise was coming from locals were extremely devoted to the celebration, which honoured the town’s history and culture.

 Everyone sang and danced to the loud upbeat music.

 I was entranced by the loudness when I first heard it.

 I made the decision to partake in and investigate the festival.

 I was taken aback by the festival attendance numbers, the enthusiasm was palpable.

 It was a genuinely wonderful event and I learnt more about the town’s history and culture.

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