Describe a crowded place you have visited | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a crowded place you have visited?

- Where is it?
- When are you going there?
- With whom do you go there?
- And explain how you felt about being there?

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- Living in a diverse and highly occupied nation I have seen several crowded places.

- Today I like to talk about one such place.

- Generally, I avoid to going crowded places but this was an exceptional place which I was super excited to visit.

- I vividly remember that a few months back I went on a trip to Mumbai with my family for vacation.

- As I'm a shopaholic I visited a famous street market in Mumbai in the area of Bandra and was astonished by seeing its atmosphere.

- The market was so busy having vast varieties of cloth and jewellery and handicrafts.

- Sellers were trying to attract customers by showing various lucrative products and prices.

- There was a lot of hustle and bustle as it was flooded by tourists.

- We bought different attractive items which had a great discount and also got some handicrafts and pieces of jewellery to gift to some of my near and dear ones.

- Though it was highly congested it was a great and memorable time for me.

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