Describe a historical period you would like to know more about | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a historical period you would like to know more about?

- What period do you want to know about?
- Why do you want to know?
- How do you think you can know about it?

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- India has experienced several historical events under numerous kings and governments.
- I enjoy reading about history whenever I get time because it motivates me.
- I would like to talk about the years 1940 to 1947.
- This period inspires me greatly since it explains how the British governed our nation, which was the final stage in British-ruled India’s independence operation.
- My grandparents occasionally narrate tales from that time about how people managed to get by and how the British dominated us.
- Whenever I listen to one of these tales, I feel stronger and more prepared to deal with life’s challenges.
- Additionally, I have watched many films based on this era, so those films have taught me about the nation.
- There are several ways to learn about this period.
- Numerous well-known authors have written numerous books, and you can learn more about them on social media.
- You will become more interested in it as you read more and more.
- Few people are familiar with the true history of our nation.
- I also researched it online as I find this period so fascinating.
- My grandparents had told me that the country was split into two distinct nations, so I got interested in learning more about how people used to manage things.
- For our freedom, numerous people sacrificed their lives.
- It might be very challenging at times to learn all that happened at the time.
- I also get knowledge from this period and share it with my friends.
- It inspires me to take action that benefits our nation somehow.

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