Describe a piece of clothing you wear most often | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a piece of clothing you wear most often?

You should say:
- What it is like?
- When and where do you get it?
- How often do you wear it?
- And Explain why you enjoy wearing it?

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- There are many different types of clothing available today, and frequently people spend a lot of money on them.

- Along with having lots of clothes, I also have a pair of outfits that I often wear.

- It's Punjabi attire. The bright colours with dark shades.

- I went to Punjab six months ago, and when we were there we visited Amritsar, where I bought a Punjabi suit.

- I purchased one there because I enjoy Punjabi outfits a lot.

- This suit gives me a good look, so I like to wear it whenever I have a function.

- I usually buy clothes in a variety of dark and light colours since I enjoy clothes so much.

- I wore this Punjabi outfit to celebrate my father's birthday yesterday.

- Everyone complimented me on how good it looked and how different and unique it was.

- I enjoy the change of wearing traditional clothes, especially Punjabi outfits.

- It contains inner embroidery work with golden borders and long sleeves.

- I also like wearing it since it provides me with something completely different from what I normally wear.

- I don't regularly wear traditional clothing, so some of my friends appreciate it if I do.

- Wearing this, in my opinion, makes me feel more confident.

- The fact that it gives me confidence and optimism may be the only reason why I enjoy this outfit so much.

- Shortly, I also plan to wear more Punjabi suits because I believe they always make me look my best.

- This is my favourite Punjabi suit, therefore whenever I wear it, I take extra care to protect it from damage.

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