Describe a sports program you like to watch | Recent IELTS speaking topic

Describe a sports program you like to watch.

- What is it?
- Who do you watch it with?
- When do you watch it?
- Why do you like to watch it?

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- I enjoy watching sporting events. I prefer to watch this program whenever I have the chance.

- I watch a badminton program every weekend since I enjoy the sport.

- They demonstrate specific badminton methods and advice in this sports program.

- I'm quite excited to watch this programme. I also watched this show for a while over the weekend.

- The host of this sporting event is the badminton player Saina Nehwal.

- Saina Nehwal appears in this program and gives her expertise in badminton sports.

- Whenever I watch this program, I learn a lot of things.

- She also discusses some of the challenging tasks she undertook in the beginning.

- Additionally, Sania Nehwal's episodes are included in this program, and they are fascinating to watch.

- Many other state players are also showing up and talking about the difficult work they are doing.

- I can watch this series without interruption on the weekends because it broadcasts twice a week on Saturday and Sunday.

- I can watch if I have the opportunity between workdays because certain repeat episodes air every day.

- I feel happy and inspired to work more every time I watch an episode of this show.

- This program also teaches viewers how to deal with failures in life, which is motivating and optimistic.

- Those who enjoy badminton should watch this program because it's excellent.

- People are more able to understand the value of putting in effort.

- Also, I get a chance to meet talented youngsters.

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