A long term goal you would like to achieve | Recent IELTS speaking topic

A long term goal you would like to achieve.

You should say:-
- What the goal is
- How long have you had this goal
- How you would achieve this
- And explain why you set this goal

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- Everyone has a goal in life be it short term or long term.
- Without having a goal, life is aimless people set goals so that they can become successful and chase their dreams.
- I have set many short-term goals in life.
- However, today I would like to talk about a long-term goal that I wish to achieve in the future and that is to have a house of my own.
- I have had this goal for three years now.
- Currently, we live in rented accommodation and though it has been many years still it doesn’t give us the feeling of home.
- As the real estate prices have risen tremendously, it is currently beyond my limits to buy a house.
- But I have worked hard, completed my graduation, and then got a good job which will help me to arrange sufficient money to book a house and pay my loan installments.
- My brother, who is already working with a reputed IT company will also help me in achieving my dream.
- He has already started saving money for our future.
- We don’t want to put the burden on our parents, so both of us have decided to achieve this goal all by ourselves.
- I have set this goal as I wish to give my family a better life, so they don’t have to struggle anymore by shifting from one place to another so that they can also have a place they call their own.
- I hope I am able to achieve my goal one day.

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