Describe a uniform you wear or you wore at school | Recent IELTS speaking topic.

Describe a uniform you wear or you wore at school.

- When you wear it?
- Who bought it for you?
- What does it look like?
- How you feel about it?

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  • Uniforms play a crucial role both in workplaces and educational institutions. They serve as a means of identification and instill a sense of discipline.
  • Additionally, uniforms help reduce discrimination by creating a level playing field.
  • They also aid in distinguishing between customers and employees, or students from different schools.
  • While I no longer wear a uniform, I fondly recall my school days when we had separate attire for weekdays and Saturdays (activity days).
  • On weekdays, we wore a white shirt paired with navy blue bottoms, along with a tie, belt, and black shoes.
  • During winters, we added a blue blazer with the school logo stitched on the pocket, which made us look quite dashing.
  • My parents would buy new uniforms for me as I grew physically.
  • I took great care of my uniform, ensuring it remained neat, tidy, and well-ironed, as it contributed to my overall appearance.
  • Despite the challenge of keeping the white fabric pristine, I managed to do so.
  • Overall, uniforms are essential because they impart equality, teach discipline, and provide a distinct identity.

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